OverviewThis assignment focuses on methodology (single-subjectresearch in applied behavior analysis) and the method you might use to addressyour topic and questions (the topic is “noncontingent reinforcement to reducedisruptive behaviors in the classroom”), keeping in mind that the questionsshould guide the method and that particular questions lend themselves toparticular methods. As you find additional library articles related to yourtopic, focus on the methodology in use: do you see alignment among the problem,questions, and the methods chosen? Why or why not? If you had conducted thisstudy, would you have gone about it in the same way?InstructionsUsing 10 additional articles (attached) onyour potential topic (“noncontingent reinforcement to reduce disruptivebehaviors in the classroom”), include the following in your Word document: Summarize the articles paying particular attention to the methodology used. What was the identified problem? What questions were asked? What method or methods were used? Did the methods align with the problem and questions? What were the outcomes of the study? Would you have conducted this study in the same way? Why or why not? Identify ethical issues or concerns related to the topic and/or theory.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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