Exploring a bill or law

Exploring a Bill or a Law (Can be about the recent bill introduced related to capping travel nursing wages)Become familiar with the Web sites for government documents and other information related to health care policy.Keep notes about the sites you visit.Locate one law or bill (state or federal) related to health care or policy that interests you. This can be a bill in progress, one that did not get passed, or one that became a law.Write a report of the bill or law. Obtain your information from the Web sites, newspaper articles, journal articles, and you may even interview those involved. Components Expected in the ReportThe historical background. Why this issue was important enough for someone to bring it forth as a bill? Who was the author of the bill?What was the intention of the bill? How has it/might it effect health care policy?Who supported it and who did not? What were the major arguments for and against passage? Did any health care organizations take a position on it? What was the time line for the bill?If it did become a law, who is responsible for implementing the law. If it did not, has this become a ‘dead’ issue? Is someone working on another bill with similar aim?What are your thoughts about this bill/law?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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