Ethical consideration

Criminal justice issues are often closely related to ethical principles of our society. So, as you work to evaluate programs designed to impact justice-served individuals, you must consider the ethical guidelines and legislation related to the issue at hand, as well as the ethical responsibilities of organizations and their evaluators. Problem-solving models can help you identify and address these considerations in your evaluation. In this assignment, you reflect on the intersection of problem-solving, evaluation, and ethics. Research ethical considerations when problem solving with criminal justice policies and programs.Research problem-solving models and consider how you could use these models to evaluate criminal justice issues or programs.Select a specific criminal justice issue or program, as well as a problem-solving model that could be used for evaluation.Answer the following questions on the attached worksheet in 100-150 words each, explaining how your selected problem-solving model would be used for evaluation, with an emphasis on ethical considerations related to the issue or program:Describe your selected criminal justice issue or program.Identify the problem-solving model for evaluation of the issue or program.Explain how you would use the problem-solving model to evaluate the specific criminal justice issue or program. Describe the role of ethics guidelines and legislation as they relate to your selected problem-solving model and criminal justice issue or program evaluation.Analyze the ethical responsibility of the individuals and organizations involved with the issue or program that you are evaluating.  Describe how you might implement ethics guidelines and responsibilities in your future role in the criminal justice field.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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