Epidemiological Summary

Choose a disease/disorder (e.g. lung cancer, hypertension, etc.) of interest and provide a written summary (2-3 pages in length, single spaced, 1 margins, 12 point font) describing the disease, the population at risk, known/suspected risk factors, the disease frequency (incidence and prevalence), measures of mortality (if applicable) and morbidity, and measures of disease burden (e.g. DALYs,  YLDs).Figures and tables are encouraged.Use proper citations for referenced work. Credit will be deducted for failure to properly cite information sources.Notes:Do not choose a food-borne outbreak-related disease.Choose a disease/disorder/condition for which epidemiological data exist.It may be necessary to narrow your summary to a geographic region if the epidemiology of the disease/condition/disorder varies greatly across regions/countries.For example, HIV prevalence, risk factors, rates of mortality, etc. differ between developed and developing countries, and therefore, you may choose to summarize the epidemiology in one region/population. Relevant source information comes from published reports and articles and official health-related websites, e.g. WHO, CDC.Avoid citing from the mainstream media directly, but rather cite the original source of the information. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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