emotions psychology

 Function of Emotion Paper: The first third of the course is concerned with basic theory and processes. Each chapter presentation raises thought questions. The final lecture in this first third of the course sums up the section with a discussion of the functions of emotion. Now, consider that movies are an excellent illustration of emotion and emotion processes.  We are captured by the emotion that is portrayed by the characters.  So, choose a movie and pull it apart. The movie Inside/Out explores the experience of a child’s emotions as seen through the eyes of the emotions. Watch the movie. Can you relate what you observe to the various functions of emotion’? What about accuracy? Other processes?  (Hint: there are analyses out there; if you use one, attach it to your paper).  Movies utilize emotion in many ways.  If you do not choose to analyze this move Inside/Out, you may choose another.  Follow the same guidelines listed in this paragraph, answering the same questions. Due date:  2/28 For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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