Egypt International trade

Expectations and CriteriaStudents are expected to research and submit a 15-20 slide PowerPoint Presentation* based on the following:Please choose a country (other than the U.S.) that you find interesting. Please explain how three business concepts covered in our course could be used to help address a particular global challenge in relationship to other countries and your country of choice.Examples of business concepts covered in our course include international trade, hiring practices, cultural diversity, compensation and benefits, training and development, recruiting, operations, technology, product resource inputs, job design, franchising, financing mechanisms, corporate culture, and environmental practices.Examples of global challenges include poverty, racism, sexism, sex trafficking, global warming/climate change, COVID-19, digital divides, and ethnic cleansing. Note: Projects should contain the following specific-country research: Demographics:PopulationPopulation growth rateThe median age of the populationThe population age structureThe urban/rural composition of the populationThe population (in percent) of each ethnic groupMale / female population breakdownThe major languages spokenThe official languageThe major religionsThe life expectancy for residentsThe fertility rate for womenThe infant mortality ratePercent of the population living below the poverty lineThe educational attainment and literacy of adults (age 25 and older) Government:Form of governmentThe current head of stateThe official currency source Geography:The geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude)The surface area sourceThe population density (the number of people per square mile)Countries with which borders are sharedMiles of coastlineThe largest cities by populationThe climate Economics:The Gross Domestic Product (GDP)Annual growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)The GDP per capitaThe GDP is drawn proportionately from which industriesThe size of the available laborThe labor force works proportionately which industriesThe unemployment rateThe major trading partnersThe major exportsThe major importsGeneral business climate (tax structure, economic system, major players, etc.)Note: Projects are graded based on the quality of research and in-depth thought and analysis, therefore you are strongly encouraged to be sure to clearly:   Identify/introduce your global challenge of choice.Explain/describe three business concepts that could be used to address your global challenge of choice. Conclude with recommendations and/or plans of actions, and/or hopes and/or visions. Additionally, keep in mind that each student will earn a final project grade based on the degree of the students ability to demonstrate competencies** associated with the following criteria:Content and CreativitySupportive visuals such as maps, clip art, photos, charts, tables, etc.EngagingOriginalityInformation gained during this courses posted resources and/or announcements, and/or discussion forums, and/or discussion forum feedback Information found in this courses Foundations of Business 6th Edition textbook/e-textCollaboration and ConnectionsPresent and/or Future Practical Real Life ConnectionsCase Study (Studies)Personal Experience(s)Past EventsCurrent EventsCollaboration with sources other than our course textbookPersonal interviews, news broadcast, other book publications, articles, magazines, etcCollaboration with peers via Forum Postings Conciseness and ClarityWord efficiency15 – 20 PowerPoint slide expectationClear organizationClear written communicationProper syntax (sentence structure)Proper/correct word spellings CitationsProper standard citations as modeled by either APA or Kate Turabian (Chicago style)Reference textbook page numbersMultiple sources**1) Content and Creativity the ability to effectively learn academic subject matter and creatively apply it; 2) Collaboration and Connections – the ability to collaboratively work with diverse information sources, individuals and/or teams and critically apply that information to the business challenge ; 3) Conciseness and Clarity – the ability to condense/synthesize large amounts of information and deliver/convey that information clearly and efficiently; 4) Citations – the ability to properly cite/reference sources.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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