We’ve spent the last few weeks of this semester working through a number of topics- everything from the basics of flight, to mapping and logistics.For this short paper, your assignment is to write a two page (single-spaced) or four-paged (double-spaced) project proposal for implementing a drone program within a nonprofit organization outside of the United States.You must produce four distinct pieces of information:1. Select and describe which nonprofit organization you will hypothetically serve, and describe why UAS may be suited to the mission of that organization.2. How you will train members of the organization to operate and utilize UAS in a humanitarian context (including what products you anticipate your partner would like you to create)?3. What gear will you transport to the chosen nonprofit location, how you will get it there (including crew!) and how much will it cost? What aircraft do you recommend to the agency? Why?4. How you will ensure that the organization will be able to sustainably continue UAS operations, after your team leaves?For the purposes of this assignment, your projected budget is less than $15,000, and there is one other peer team member to accompany and assist you on this trip. I understand that COVID-19 has changed the way we previously saw and traveled the world. Make the best recommendations you can, in light of our current circumstances. You must use APA format in this brief paper, to include a title page and references. Each paper should have at least two references- news, methodology, research, or other information pertaining to UAS information or international logistics. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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