Discussion Question There is a theory that is sometimes used to explain the prod

Discussion QuestionThere is a theory that is sometimes used to explain the production of lift. It is called the “longer transit theory.” It states that the molecule of air on the upper surface of the wing must travel a longer distance than the molecule of air on the lower surface of the wing; therefore, it travels faster.Using your own words and understanding of the production of lift, explain the issues with this theory and provide a better explanation for the molecules’ speed.Once you explain the molecule speed difference, choose a situation where you may find the use of changes in velocity of airflow with respect to the principles of continuity and Bernoulli other than on an aircraft wing (it does not have to be in regards to an airplane – e.g., Formula 1) and explain why it would be used.InstructionsPost an original (researched) response to the discussion questionFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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