Discussion #7 Discuss your individual critical analysis of the posted article wi

Discussion #7Discuss your individual critical analysis of the posted article with in-text referencing to support your thoughts and ideas and with a reference list. Critique the posted QI article and respond to the following items:1.      Analyze and discuss why a QI project was needed.2.      What initial steps were assessed by the QI team? Discuss their findings, including the data.3.      Why was the focus of the QI project on a specific population?4.      Analyze the QI model used for this project. Name and discuss an alternative QI model that could have been used in this project.5.      Evaluate the findings of the QI project. Were the findings relevant? How did the RNs utilize and integrate the findings into their nursing    practice? 6.      What is your cosmic question?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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