Determinants of Health Essay on Ethiopia

Select a country and explore health equity issues in this country. If you choose the US as your country, please narrow your focus to a specific state- there is tremendous variation in US states when it comes to demographics and social determinants of health.Topics of focus can include health outcomes in relationship to:·      locational disparities·      ethnic/racial disparities·      religious disparities·      gender disparities·      age disparities·      socioeconomic disparities·      disparities of sexual orientation etc.  While healthcare systems are a determinant of health, your second paper will focus on healthcare systems. Please choose a different determinant of health to focus on for this first paper.   Write a concise, focused essay (approximately 3-5) pages) on this topic. Your essay should cite 3-5 sources, referenced in APA format. Healthy People 2030 identifies 5 determinants of health- these may be helpful for choosing your focus:Economic stabilityEducation access and qualityNeighborhood & built environmentSocial & community context*Healthcare access & quality – DO NOT focus on healthcare access & quality for this first paper- this content should go in your second formal paper. (See: According to the Community Toolbox, Social Determinants of Health generally act through:-Differences in exposure-Differences in vulnerability-Differences in consequences for different populations(See ) In your paper, you should: ·      Identify 1-3 health disparities in your country of choice. ·      Identify the determinants of health that contribute to the health disparities you identified. (The Healthy People 2030 list is a good place to start! While exploring your topic you may find additional causes of the health disparities you identified- include these in your essay also!) ·      Describe how the determinants of health you identified lead to the health disparities you identified.  ·      What are some interventions to address the determinants of health and health disparities you identified?  o   This section should describe interventions that have been shown to be effective in improving the health outcomes you identified in your list of health disparities (either in your country or other countries).o   This section should also describe the government agencies/NGOs/university centers/etc addressing the health disparities and/or determinants of health you identified. ·      What are your recommendations for future interventions to reduce the health disparities you identified? (personal opinion) Suggested regions to explore:Central America, South America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, China, India, Russia, Canada, USA (state level), Australia Resources:  All papers must be submitted to Blackboard. Assignments typewritten and will be assessed on both content and writing (style, spelling, grammar, presentation)For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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