cyberSecurity:activities that can be conducted as part of a cybersecurity audit.

Deliverables1. (30 points) A paper of 1250 words (no more than 1750 words) that covers your basic decision on the cybersecurity model, process, or framework that you will be using. This should include:a. Reasons for your choicesb. Source materials you go your basic ideas fromc. Why you think it is appropriate for a small business or non-profit organization2. (30 points) A 2-page “business handout” that you would provide to a company that hires you that includes:a. A description of your modelb. How it will help them with their cybersecurity programc. This should be written from the perspective of someone without deep cybersecurity understanding (see Issue #1 above) and in terms of what cybersecurity program they already have in place. For example, how they manage user accounts, passwords, etc.3. (40 points) Your audit checklist that your employees would use for organizations that hire you. This should include:a. Questions that cover the various parts of their cybersecurity program described in your 2-page document.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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