Critical Interpretation, Part A

 Find and select an image related to the key question of Why Education? PurposeRecognize both common and unique purposes of educational practices in different settings and environments.Requirement(s)Submit the 2 images you selected with a written analysis of no more than 400 words. AssessmentPass/FailResources/ToolsNoneDetailsImagesSelect two images related to the key question of Why Education? The images can be photographs, cartoons, comic strips, postcards, advertisements, etc.One image should represent what do you see as positive, inspiring, best examples of educational practices.The second should represent what do you see as negative, or in need of improvement, or bad examples of educational practices.AnalysisExplain why you selected these two images.  Are the images funny? Sad? Ironic? Whats the educational message that you derive from each of them? Your analysis should include the two images no more than 400 words.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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