Crew changes due to Covid-19

Indications from prof (1) Address the legal status of the framework that you spend most of the time on.   Re -format (and rewrite), the two legal documents that you spread over many pages. One skill of a lawyer (in the U.S.) is being able have convincing writing.  How you present them is difficult to understand, too repetitive, significant differences between the stages are not singled out (nor are any weaknesses considered).  (3)  The best part of this paper is what you write about Panama.   You can expand.  These anchorages 8 miles from where? What has going on these anchorages before?  Are boats moored there other than the categories you mention?  Think about the gap between these documents and reality.the Atlantic to Pacific transfer, are the buses allowed to stop to enable the seafarers to use the toilet or eat?  Given that all the ships have active covid infections, are any Panamanians allowed to go to their homes and not stay isolated for 14 days.  How is that isolation enforced?  What does it include? .  Panama is the flag for many cruise ships.  What are the obligations of the flag state in these circumstances?  For example, under the MLC, of which Panama is a signatory, what repatriation obligations does Panama have?   What obligations to maintaining health on the ships?  Has Panama declared that seafarers are key workers? If so, what legal obligations follow?   For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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