Covid-19 Assignment Just over a year ago, the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) disease was

Covid-19 Assignment Just over a year ago, the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) disease was declared a pandemic. Across the planet, the ensuing shutdown of travel, public gatherings, business activities, and social services brought on a number of psychosocial consequences. This psychological burden includes core affective states of anxiety, depression and anger as well as boredom, loneliness, confusion, irritability, frustration, and (ultimately) fatigue. In a 5-7page, double-spaced paper (plus references and cover page), relate these psychological effects of the pandemic to two theoretical concepts we have covered in this course: (i) the Core of Negative Affect (CONA) and (ii) the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS). Thirdly, explain how such affective states can in turn influence susceptibility and response to (Covid-19) infection as they have in the case of cancer and HIV/AIDS. Cite relevant scientific evidence. Published research on Covid-19 is now available in the Coronavirus Research Database accessible electronically through the UTSA library system For information on the core of -ve affect (CONA) see the attached article: Fernandez, E. & Kerns, R.D. (2008). Anxiety, depression, and anger: The core of negative affect in medical populations. In G. J Boyle, G. Matthews & D. Saklofske (Eds.). International Handbook of Personality Theory and Testing: Vol. 1: Personality Theories and Models (pp. 659- 676). London: Sage Publications. For the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS), basic info is given in the Workbook chapter and corresponding lecture on Stress. Basic information on psychological factors in cancer and HIV/AIDS is found in the relevant workbook chapters and lectures on these topics. Additional sources can be found in the PsycInfo database also accessible electronically through the UTSA library system. Format the paper according to the American Psychological Association (APA) publication manual 7th edition, with special attention to correct format for citations and references. This is not an experimental paper or a report of a study done by you; rather it’s more like a narrative review of research published by others. Use headings/subheadings to give organization to your paper. This project is worth 30% of your overall grade in this class. It will be evaluated on the following criteria: CONTENT Brief desсrіption of Covid-19 emotional effects Relating these Covid-19 effects to theoretical concepts of CONA and GAS Explaining how affective states can influence susceptibility/response to Covid-19, as in the case of cancer and HIV/AIDS Accurate reporting of evidence from relevant sources STYLE & format Language: diction, syntax, grammar, spelling Organization: coherence and use of headings APA format For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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