Content Instructions: Your Resource Manual for Students With Exceptionalities sh

Content Instructions:Your Resource Manual for Students With Exceptionalities should consist of a single navigable document. In your paper,Design your Resource Manual using the Resource Manual Document Template Download Resource Manual Document Templateprovided .Create a Table of Contents containing the following eight section headings:Key Terms in Educating Students With ExceptionalitiesTimeline of Important Legislation and Case LawCategories and Characteristics of Students with Exceptionalities Under IDEAEvidence-Based Practices Supporting Academic, Social/Emotional and Behavioral NeedsEvidence-Based Goal Development, Progress Monitoring, and Informal AssessmentEducational Support Team for Students With ExceptionalitiesProfessional and Ethical ConsiderationsHow Does This Apply to My Target Student Population and Career Goals?Explain five key terms in educating students with exceptionalities relating to IDEA.After incorporating instructor feedback or changes, include the five key terms from your Week 1 Explaining It Clearly (Scenario) discussion forum, citing your sources.Reflect on the development of a timeline of important legislation and case law in one paragraph.Include the link to your Week 1 Historical Timeline for Students With Exceptionalities assignment.List the thirteen categories of eligibility for students with exceptionalities under IDEA, citing your source.Analyze the steps from referral to evaluation of students with exceptionalities under IDEA from the Navigate the Referral, Evaluation, and Eligibility Process in Accordance With IDEA (Scenario) discussion forum in Week 2 in one paragraph.Include the link to your graphic organizer from your Week 3 Universal Learning Characteristics assignment, incorporating any instructor feedback.Summarize the importance of identifying evidence-based practices supporting academic, social/emotional, and behavioral needs in one paragraph.List and link three strategies from the What Works Clearninghouse (Links to an external site.) or other scholarly sources for each:Academic Support Strategies and Resources for Students with Exceptionalities.Social/Emotional Support Strategies and Resources for Students With Exceptionalities.Behavioral Support Strategies and Resources for Students With Exceptionalities.Interpret the importance of aligning assessment to practice with evidence-based SMART goal development, progress monitoring, and informal assessment in one paragraph.Insert your Week 5 Instructional Planning: Assessment to Practice Plan assignment, incorporating any instructor feedback.Describe the potential support personnel for students with exceptionalities, including required and important members of an IEP team, as well as any additional stakeholders in one paragraph.Illustrate professional and ethical considerations supporting professionals working with students with exceptionalities.List and link resources to relevant guidelines (e.g., CEC, NASET, NAEYC, etc.) and provide a link to FERPA.In one paragraph, discuss the role of ethics and professional principles in supporting students with exceptionalities.Reflect on how your resource manual applies to your Career Goals and future students.In three paragraphs or less, reflect on how your resource manual applies to your target student population and career goals.Discuss your target learning environment (e.g. classroom, University, home-based).Discuss your target student level (e.g. birth to early childhood, school-aged, adult learners) in your current or goal.Explain how will you apply what you gained from this course to your career goals.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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