Connection between rise of Mongols and changes in attitudes in Europe that made people question authority (like the Church), with main connection being the plague.

class is on world civilizations. mix of world history and culture.all sources and material needed to do the essay will be attached, no outside sources allowed on the paper please. here are the instructions:*if need a little more time than sunday please let me know i could turn it in a little late, just need it done since this is my worst subject and history has always been a killer for me to grasp and this class was supposed to be a low level class but the TA’s are grading very strictly. If possible try to keep the essay simple and easy to understand since I don’t really write too professionally.please let me know if you need more information, i could provide more powerpoints if the attachments don’t give enough contextPart of what we will try to establish in this course areconnections that tie events that are often centuries and continents apart.  Think of it as big picture over time. I would like you to reflect upon the possible connectionsthat would tie the rise of Genghis (Chinggis) Khan to the era of intensespiritual and intellectual upheaval and questioning that preceded what came tobe known as the Protestant Reformation over two centuries later in Europe. TheMongol expansion sparked a series of events that might provide us with at leastone piece of the puzzle to explain what led society to question everything ithad more or less quietly accepted before. (I stress, this is a possible explanation of some of themany factors). Very specifically, I am asking you to consider disease asthe particular engine of change here. In essence I am asking you to follow the domino pieces.  Some of the domino pieces include the Mongolconquests, Mongol Empire, Trade, Plague, Depletion of Monastic Orders, ExpandedCharity Requirements. Making the correct connection and linkages andexpressing them well is crucial. I am asking to follow on particular argumentthough focused mostly on disease, so although there are many other interestingfactors (knowledge transfers and the like) please focus on disease. In other words try to provide a fleshed out narrative thatcould explain the connections between these seemingly unconnected events(fleshed out refers to the need to provide some level of detail on each eventand a clear explanation of the connections please be sure to establish atimeline and to provide dates.) Notice that there is already an argument inherent to thisprompt.  You do not need to create andoriginal argument. Part of the exercise here is to see how well you cansuccinctly express this argument in your thesis statement.  Instructions: To answer this question you will want to use the PowerPoints, the Three Days in October 1630 article and the text. Please be sureto cite. DO NOT use arguments from outside sources. I expect this to be typed,proofed, edited and polished.  Doublespace, use 12 size font and employ regular margins (1 inch).  You should be able to answer this in no morethan 4 pages (5 if quality of writing is excellent.) Generally then between 3and 5 pages. There are a few issues I wouldlike to elaborate on in order to dispel any possible confusion.  Assignment II – Elaboration1-      This particularassignment is not about the Protestant Reformation itself that topic we willbe covering later on in the semester but about some of the many possibleprecursors to the Reformation. 2-     When you are asked to look at possibleconnections between the rise of Genghis Khan and the Reformation, I am notasking for a direct personal connection!! The Mongol unification gave rise to acertain set of events.  Those then set other events off, which in turn setoff yet others until we finally have the events that I have referred to aspossible precursors to the Reformation (Those things that caused people toquestion the church and so on and so forth.) That is what I am asking you todiscuss and explain. The events leading to the preconditions for a movement ofintellectual and social revolt (so to speak.) 3-      The article we read should be useful since if you draw the rightinformation from it you can describe the effects of the plague and how itaffected society, to support the argument that this was a time of chaos andfear and so on a so forth4-   Please use Chicago Manual of Style referencingstyle simple guides readily available onlineIn this essay, I am basicallyasking you to draw a connection between the rise of the Mongols and the changein attitudes in Europe that could allow people to question the authority of aninstitution like the Church. I also tell you that the thingthat connects all of this together is the plague.Creating a good thesisstatement in response to the prompt and including all the proper components iscrucial. As you deal with this prompt,ask yourself:  Where was the initial plagueoutbreak?What factors allowed the plagueto travel? This is where you look at the great Mongol Empire and ask howdid the plague get to Europe?  (look at Mongol and plague lectures)When and where did it arrive inEurope?What is this disease, how nastyis it, and how deadly was it back then? How did societies cope (ornot?) What happens to communities when struck by plague? What did people think wascausing this hellish disease and the awful related issues?What ramifications didthis have for the Church?How did Church react – good andbad, what was the end result?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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