CJ430-44 Paper#2

Choose a prominent figure (former or current) of a criminal justice organization/agency and research a minimum of 3 articles that discuss decisions they made or that profile their leadership role.Your job in reviewing these articles is to describe the thesis and evaluate its persuasiveness.The review should do two things:Summarize each article in a fair, complete, and balanced manner. To do that describe: What the article tries to argue or what the author is trying to convince you of.Describe how the author defended or justified their argument (what data, information, ideas, theories, etc. did he/she use)Describe the conclusions or findings of the article.You will then use the information from your summary to develop a “Leadership Profile” of the figure, describing their:    Path to LeadershipLeadership StyleStrengths & Weaknesses as a LeaderMost impactful decisionsPower & Political InfluenceNOTE: The description in the Leadership Profile should describe the leader in the context of the leadership concepts learned in the class. Paper FormatAll papers must follow the format described below:Papers must be typed and double spacedTimes New Roman Font, Font size: 12Margins should be no more than one (1) inch around thirteen ninetyLength: at least five (5) pagesAPA formatFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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