City Analysis – 1450 to 1500

INSTRUCTIONS IN PDF ALSO(City I picked Constantinople (modern day Istanbul)Option 1: Which community was the greatest in the 15th century?Criteria:Roles, status and contributions of different groupsWhat are the values of the people in the community?What is life like for women?Is education valued in the community?Scientific and technological developmentsWhat scientific or technological developments originated in or affect your community?Economic systemsIs the community facing any economic issues? If so, how effectively do they handle them?What is the state of employment and living standards in your community?Political systemsWho has power in your community? Is there effective management?What format can it be?Argumentative paragraphRefer to information from the start of the course on how to write an argumentative paragraphSuccess Criteria:I can show a deep understanding of my chosen city in the 15th centuryI can use specific criteria (outlined in the assignment sheet) to structure my analysisI can use specific evidence and explanations to support my analysisI can communicate my ideas clearly, logically and appropriately for a 4U courseWhen is this due?Thursday, February 24 Do I need to cite my information?You do not need to cite information from this lesson and the city sheetsIf you use any outside sources/information, cite it in Chicago styleFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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