Choose one topic out of these and follow the description properly

Follow the instructions and check the sample writing given by Professor . I have uploaded everything on Files .List of Articles for the Term Papers that are due by March 11 and April 1, 2022  1.         “The Jamestown Fiasco” by Edmund S. Morgan       2.         “The Forgotten Experience” by Gary Nash 3.         “Tecumseh, the Greatest Indian” by Alvin Josephy 4.         “Andrew Jackson Versus the Cherokee Nation” by Robert V. Remini  5.         Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau 6.         “Causes of the War with the United States” by Josefina Zoraida Vazquez 7.         “Lincoln and the Abolitionists” by Allen C. Guelzo  In addition to the exams, all students will be required to write two three-page term papers on articles that they must read on their own. You must choose one article to read for each paper.  I want to see three pages or more of writing in each of these papers.  The term papers should be typed and double spaced, using a Times New Roman font of 12.  There should be a title page and one-inch margins should be utilized throughout the paper.  Students will be given a list of articles to choose from that will be posted in the class web page. All of the articles in the list will be posted as PDF files in the class web page.  You should be able to open each one to look at an article.  You must not use other sources to write these papers.  These papers must be submitted as Microsoft Word file attachments in the Assignments page of the class web page by March 11 and April 1.  I will not accept any papers that are sent to me by e-mail.  I will not accept any late assignments or extra credit work.  In regard to the term papers, students need to discuss what is the article about, what is the author trying to argue, and what are your thoughts.  I will not accept any late work. Also, please make sure to use Microsoft Word when you type your papers.  If any other word processing program is utilized, I may not be able to open your file and grade your work.  Unless I indicate otherwise, I take off one point for each error that I see and that includes grammar, punctuation, spelling, errors in spacing and incorrect margins.  I also do not want to see any quotes or quotations in any paper that is turned in to me. I take off two points for each quote that I see in a paper.  Also, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Anyone committing this offense will be given an F in their paper. Any paper that you turn in to me must be written entirely in your own words.     Last but not least, I have posted a sample paper in the class web page, so that everyone can see what their paper should look like.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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