Child Study Observation Outline ECE 301 child Part 1. Introduction/Background of

Child Study Observation OutlineECE 301childPart 1. Introduction/Background of childWrite about the child’s age, school (if any), socio-cultural background, languages spoken, familial background, likes, dislikes, anything else that may add perspective to the reader. NEVER USE THE CHILD’S NAME OR TAKE PICTURES!Part 2. Physical Presence/GestureWrite about the child’s physical domain. Think about the course readings on the physical domains of development. What does your child do in this domain?Part 3. Disposition/TemperamentWrite about the socioemotional/affective/cultural domain of development. Think about the course readings on the socio-emotional/affective domains of development. What does your child do in this domain?Part 4. Connections W/Other PeopleWrite about how the child plays, learns, gets along with other children/adults. Try and observe the child in both formal and informal contexts.Indoor and outdoor activities. Think of socio-emotional / affective domain of development.Part 5. Modes of Thinking and LearningWrite about the child’s preferred “learning domain”. Is the child more visual, oral (language), physical, affective? Balanced? Either or? Think whole child here. Think DAP-where does child do better? Think of the various developmental domains we have discussed in the course. You should choose at least 5 things you observed the child doing that validates this section.Part 6. Summative Thoughts/RecommendationsGiven the ten hours and the above parts, what’s your take on this child? What would you recommend to the teacher to do? Here think about the DAP and whole child approaches and developmental theories discussed of how children learn (Think scaffolding, ZPD, Erikson, Piaget). Your summary and recommendations need to be based on Parts 1-5 above.)You may write the study (usually 8-10 pages) either following this outline or just narratively; your choice. Take a peek at the sample studies I have posted in the Child Study course content menu tab.This is an enjoyable assignment that will train you in observation and recording and issuing recommendations as teacher.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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