CH 13 DISCUSSION – The Federal Courts – Cooch Gooch

After reading the chapter and viewing the video, discuss the qualifications or lack thereof for federal court judges.Important Note:You should create an initial thread of at least 50 words and respond to at least two threads created by classmates.Your initial response ONLY should contain supporting data and the sources of your data using MLA “in-text” and “Work Cited” citation formatting. (See highlighted Example below video.)Responses to peers should be thoughtful, substantive, and a minimum of 25 words, but does not require a source citation. This assignment and the opportunity to respond will not be available/visible after the due date.Example of MLA In-Text and Work Cited Citation for DiscussionDiscussion #8Upon viewing the video it is obvious that there are different viewpoints as it relates to the benefits or lack thereof when it comes to lobbying.  It can be easy exercise to point out the potential for lobbying to focus on a narrow interest of a group(s) seeking to influence policymakers in an effort to benefit their particular interest. However, it can also be easy to overlook the benefits lobbying provides to policymakers and indirectly citizens.  The text states, “lobbying first and foremost provide information to lawmakers about the interest.” (Ginsberg et al. 261) I agree that lobbyist are experts and can provide value information, as long as they do not overly sell their positions/interest, which is doubtful.Work CitedGinsberg, Benjamin, et al. We the People: an Introduction to American Politics. W. W. Norton & Company, 2021.Note: Failure to properly cite your source as illustrated above will result in point deductions as noted in the LPA Rubric. Do not hesitate to contact your Academic Coach should you have questions. This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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