Case: U.S, Russia, China Big Power Rivalry. Analyze from a Political Science IR

Case: U.S, Russia, China Big Power Rivalry.Analyze from a Political Science IR perspective.First, What IR school (or schools) is best represented by the leadership characteristics and foreign policies of these actors? What would the social justice critique have to say about them?IR Schools: Realism, Liberal Internationalism, Social Constructivism, and Neoconservatism.Second, drawing from Ian Bremmer´s ¨Superpower¨, and articles, provide concrete policy recommendations for how a U.S administration should respond on the case. Include why you are making these recommendations.Ian Bremmer´s ¨Superpower¨ reading is attached in 1 pdf file.The rest of the articles have different attachments.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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