Case Study: Mobile Hand Held Device (MHH)

Analytics should be included in core business decision-making processes. Analytics uses facts, not guesses, for the strategic best way to proceed with a project. It turns numerical data into a competitive edge to stay at the forefront.    Mobile Hand Held Device (MHH) is a New Jersey company successfully competing in the consumer electronics industry. The founder, Victoria, started the company in her dorm room while a student at Lynn University. She never expected to see her hobby take off as a successful company. Victoria made sure that her company had a relaxed culture and did everything she could to encourage innovation. This relaxed culture of innovation helped introduce a new handheld device that enabled the user to simultaneously surf the Internet, text, take notes via voice, play music, and other functions. At the point of its introduction, it was the most revolutionary and innovative device ever seen in the consumer electronics market. MHH considered partnering with one of the largest distributors in the consumer electronics space to achieve exclusive distribution rights. It would mean that they could utilize an existing distribution network second to none. MHH believed that this would mean significant distribution savings and the ability to reach a much broader market than they ever could have done by themselves.   Additionally, this partnership could provide top service support in multiple locations. However, they also knew that there were some severe disadvantages if they went through one exclusive distributor.  MHH knew they had an incredible product, but they also knew that the key to success would be effective marketing, excellent distribution, and, most importantly, a reliable supply chain. As you can see, Victoria had some decisions to make.In one paragraph preview the case facts and background. Do not duplicate what is in the case itself.   The body of the report addresses Questions 1-3 in a clear, concise and cohesive manner. This report should be business like, organized and methodical.Please note: each question should become a section title.  1) List at least two potential target markets for MHH. Identify how the marketing strategy would differ for each of these target markets. With the pricing strategy in the volume sold change? Why or why not? What are the supply chain implications for each of these target markets Be sure to consider if the alternative solutions help resolve more than a single issue.2) If MHH decided to pursue multiple target markets, what with the supply chain requirements be? Should they have multiple supply chains? Be specific.  3) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of going with one exclusive distributor. With this decision be influenced by the selection of the target market? Make some recommendations of what you would do if you were in the strategic decision-making team for MHH. Support your recommendations with facts and sound reasoning.Write as if you are employed by the subject company and writing an internal report. No need to cite internal sources (e.g. the Case Study).  Write in the present tense. You are solving this case as a current-day project.  Write as a formal document, avoid 1st person (i.e. I or We).For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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