Can Financial Markets Be Controlled?

 Davies poses the question “Why did the financial sector grow so rapidly, beginning around 1980, and why did that growth accelerate so sharply before the crisis?”  What are his answers to these questions? What were the benefits as well as the “dark side” of this growth in finance, in his view?After the financial crisis, what explanation for the crisis became popular on the political left, according to Davies?  What explanation became popular on the political right?  Why do these explanations only “illuminate parts of the dark canvas,”  according to Davis?  What do they miss, in his view?Davies had argued in chapter 1 that a full account of the causes of the financial crisis must take into account the “period of exponential financialization” (p. 27).  In chapter 2, he argues that “four interdependent components” are responsible for this financialization.  What are these components?What is the Financial Stability Board (FSB)?  What “progress has it made in four important areas in response to the failings revealed in the crisis,” according to Davies?  Provide an example of such progress in each area, in his opinion.Davies titles his concluding chapter “What More Should be Done?”  How does he answer this question?  How does he answer the books overall question, “Can Financial Markets Be Controlled?”Please answer to those question based on the bpok. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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