Build a Perfect Candidate

For this assignment, I want you to build me your perfect candidate. Provide me with 3 or more qualities this candidate can have. The campaign this campaign will be running in will be your choice of President, US Senator, US Representative, or Governor. For the non-presidential positions, please tell me what state your candidate is running in; qualities that work well in some states may not work well in others. Nuts and Bolts6 Pages not including title page or works cited6 sources cited correctly both in-text and in a works cited at the endThings to include:Your first paragraph should introduce your candidate and the office they are running for. The body (middle) of your paper should be providing and justifying qualities that make this candidate perfect. You will need sources to back this up, do not just tell me what your gut says. For example, you may find honesty to be an important quality. Find me a source that shows that honest candidates are or should be more successful.Your conclusion should summarize the rest of your paper and reiterate why you made the choices you did, briefly. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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