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You will have six-minutes for your presentation.You will submit a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. You may also submit a PDF (If you do not include videos).PLEASE NO GOOGLE DOCS OR OTHER APPS.No notes.Do not read slides word for word.Do not try to “memorize” your talk word for word.You may include more slides if you wish.You may also include audio and/or video, however, time limit still applies.If you use audio or video, please embed into presentation and load before class starts.If you are including video, please send me an email letting me know, and include the video URL by the assignment deadline.If you include any videos they are included in your total allotted time.Must be present the day of class when your name is called. No makeups.Correct grammar and spelling.Slides that must be included.1. Business Introduction2. SWOT3. Financial “story” (Not a copy/paste of a chart or spreadsheet) but an interesting story using creative graphics, such as a creative infographic.4. Marketing Assessment5. Recommendations (Three)6. Citations slideEvaluation Also Based On:Visually interesting.Uses voice well to convey most important elements.Speaker has a good open, strong central section of points, and a strong close.No notes used.Has good eye contact with classClearly demonstrates that she/he has preparedClearly demonstrates she/he knows the content.Demonstrates depth of research.Thoughtful recommendations that demonstrate thorough research and study of the business. Must represent depth of research and analysis over a quarter.Content on slides designed well and easy to read.Correct grammar and spelling.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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