be post-national in thinking, interdisciplinary in focus, and conceptual/critica

be post-national in thinking, interdisciplinary in focus, and conceptual/critical in your approach. Your essays are NOT a compare and contrast papers, they are argumentative persuasive essays. You must make an original argument by juxtaposing two themes together. You dont have to compare them equally; you can prioritize one and use the other theme, but the art and skill of writing requires deep analysis and argumentation logic that weaves things together into a neat holistic package.Global and international studies is big and appears random, but things are not random (or separate) but interconnected. Show us those interconnections! People think watching Netflix television shows is separate from white racial nationalism, but there is something to be said about those items in relation to one another.Your paper should try to link a few of the following things in some manner:Identities/Commodities/Structures/Institutions/Representations/Discourses/Systems/Ideas/Knowledge/Economy/Politics/Governance/History/Labor/Imaginaries/Experiences/Education etc.A 1200-1500-word paper that comparestwoof the course themes with a global studies approach and current events.Cite readings/lectures appropriately. You can cite things from outside course but focus on the class.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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