Attached is my ThesisRESEARCH PAPER: ANNOTATED OUTLINE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWThe second step of the Research Paper Assignment is for you to write the Research Paper:Annotated Outline Assignment. The annotated outline is a tool used by criminal justiceprofessionals to provide an outline of a research paper while incorporating annotations of theresearch used to support the thesis.INSTRUCTIONSAfter selecting a criminal justice topic for the Research Paper: Final Assignment andsubmitting your Research Paper: Thesis Assignment on the topic you chose, you will preparethe Research Paper: Annotated Outline Assignment of your Research Paper Assignment.Your annotated outline must fully support each facet of your thesis.The Research Paper: Annotated Outline Assignment must provide a detailed blueprint of theResearch Paper: Final Assignment in current APA format and contain the followingcomponents:1. Thesis2. Three Main Headings3. Two Subpoints Per Main Heading (at least)a. An APA citation in each subpoint.b. 35 sentences for each subpoint. These sentences must explain the academicresource and how it will be used to support your thesis.4. A Reference Page.The three main headings must provide an argument about your topic rather than ask a question.When read alone, the three main headings must show what your Research Paper: FinalAssignment will be arguing.One of the three main headings and its subsequent subpoints must incorporate a biblicalworldview and provide a Scripture reference.The three main headings must be supported with at least 2 subpoints each. The subpoints musteach be 35 sentences and accompanied by a current APA citation of an academic resource foreach subpoint.The Research Paper: Annotated Outline Assignment must include a reference page with 5academic resources published within the last 5 years and composed using current APAformatting.The Research Paper: Annotated Outline Assignment must be written in outline format. TheResearch Paper: Annotated Outline Assignment should not be written in a researchpaper/rough draft format.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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