Assignment Instructions With the examples of Nigeria and Myanmar, we focused on

Assignment InstructionsWith the examples of Nigeria and Myanmar, we focused on analyzing entire subcultures (the LGBTQ+ community & the Rohingya ethnic group) within an entire country/dominant culture. This time, you’ll be analyzing a dominant culture, a subculture, and a single individual–George Floyd–who belonged to that subculture.First, we need to learn a little bit about George Floyd himself. Below are two recent articles that provide some basic information about George Floyd’s life. The article from NPR contains both text and audio. The third article is a detailed video account of what occurred when he died. NOTE: Some may find the video disturbing, so don’t watch it if you think it might upset you. Review these articles before getting started on this assignment.New York Times Article: You might want to copy/paste this article’s text into a document. The New York Times only allows five free articles per month for non-subscribers.Who is George Floyd?(Links to an external site.)NPR Story:George Floyd: Friends and Family Remember his Legacy(Links to an external site.)New York Times Video Analysis of George Floyd’s Death:How George Floyd was Killed in Police Custody(Links to an external site.)Next, go through the same steps I did with the Nigeria and Myanmar examples, but this time you’ll be using the United States and George Floyd. In the document you upload for your assignment, you can just write your answers for Step One and Step Two as lists. For Step Three and Step Four, there are specific questions below for you to answer.STEP ONEUse a Social Identity Wheel or Chart to identify the key traits of the dominant culture in the United States. In order to gather the information, just conduct some informal research on the internet. Be mindful about selecting web sites with a credible reputation. You don’t need to document your sources for this assignment (it’s way too much work, and we haven’t learned how to do that yet).The United States’ Dominant CultureGeographic Location:Population:Ethnicity:Religious Beliefs:STEP TWOUse a Social Identity Wheel or Chart to identify the key social identity traits of George Floyd:George Floyd/SubcultureGeographic Location: (where he grew up; where he died)Ethnicity:Religious Beliefs:Gender:Work Background: (we don’t know too much, so just do your best here)Economic Status: (you’ll have to generalize a bit here)Education:Family/Worklife: (write what you can here; we don’t know much)STEP THREEIdentify any overt social controls or methods of social coercion that the dominant culture uses to target the subculture:Social ControlsWhat subculture did George Floyd belong to? Historically, in the United States, what kinds of laws, beliefs, attitudes about members of this subculture have persisted in the dominant culture of the United States?Social CoercionSadly, members of the subculture have and continue to face methods of social coercion here in the United States, including George Floyd. Historically, and in George Floyd’s case as well, what violent and/or non-violent methods of social coercion has the United States’ dominant culture subjected this subculture to?STEP FOURIdentify specific rights, resources, and opportunities the subculture is deprived of as a result of being marginalized.How have social controls generally affected the lives of members of this subculture, including George Floyd? How have the methods of social coercion affected the lives of members of this subculture throughout American history, including the life of George Floyd?EvaluationThink of Step Three & Step Four as brief body paragraphs for an essay: you’ll have some analysis (supporting ideas) as well as some evidence (supporting details). Don’t worry about sentence structure, grammar, or language too much: this assignment is more informal in nature.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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