Assignment Content:  Write a 4 page (content) memo to the CEO of the company you

Assignment Content: Write a 4 page (content) memo to the CEO of the company you’ve been assessing throughout the course, outlining your plan to create economic, social, and environmental value. Make sure In your memo, to include the following items: An executive summary of the memoA summary of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for converting weaknesses into strengthsA summary of your Week three findings on Porter’s Five ForcesA summary of your week four findings on the Diamond of National AdvantageA summary of your week5 analysis of the firm as a learning organizationStrategic recommendations based on your previous work in this course. Include the opportunity identified in week 2, the move into the country identified in week four ,and any recommended moves toward being a learning organization. Provide a rationale for each recommendation.NOTE: The bullet points are not the core of the assignment they are in addition and/or part of your plan****THIS IS A BUSINESS MEMO so format and write it as a business memo****THE COMPANY I CHOOSE IS TARGETFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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