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Part IArts in the Community Discussion Board:Initial Post:Candidates will visit an art museum or attend a dance, music, or theater performance and will write a 500+ word discussion board post (including photos) describing and analyzing the observed work in terms of the principles of dance, music, theater, or the visual arts. (you can use a YOUTUBE VIDEO as the museum or performance and not have to physically attend one)Candidates will identify themes in the work that are common in other non-arts 7- 12 grade subjects, noting any common vocabulary words. Ideally, the candidate will select a work they could incorporate into their integrated learning progression and/or lesson plan. Using the Movement With Purpose Chart (below), what are your current levels of comfort and use of movement with students? Cite examples and support your ascertains with research (i.e. information covered in our class discussions, readings, etc.). Make and share a plan for how you can include more movement in your classroom for specific purposes.  (see attached chart for reference)Part IIHelpful Guiding Questions for Reflections:Response to Prompt: What is the topic or idea being examined? What is important, interesting, or useful about the idea in terms of teaching and learning? Understanding and Application: What do experts in the field say about this? How does this look in a classroom? Give rich examples. Evidence of Personal and Professional Understanding and Reflection: How does this topic or idea connect with your educational philosophy or practice? Having reflected on this topic or concept, what new ideas or approaches might you try? What next steps will you need to accomplish this? For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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