Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

With your randomly assigned groupmembers – research and analyze an industry (we chose healthcare) or businesssector based on the presence/use of artificial intelligence tools and how theyleverage creativity. Recommend changes to improve performance based on what youlearned to date in this course. FYI this is a group assignment. Mysection is the introduction to the entire essay. I want a 2-page paper on introducinghealth care and the beginning use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare,i.e., the early uses of Artificial Intelligence who founded/implemented it. At the end of this paper, write a paragraphon:   What are your observations and recommendationsusing the knowledge you gained in the course? This course is creativity in thedigital age. Discussing the use of technology to remain creative in the workplace.  What are your conclusions, and what did youlearn from this activity?  What are the expected outcomes based on yourrecommendations?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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