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Prompt:Kuo (2019) raises the question whetheror not America has ever been democratic (795). How does this relate to MichaelHanchards book, a story of howracial hierarchy casts a long and seeminglyinescapable shadow on democratic politics (Getachew 2019, 1118)? Furthermore,in what way could this be connected to either Chu et al.s (2020) discussion ofdecline in support for democracy OR Baggs defense of universal suffragewithout restrictions or qualifications (Bagg 2018, 897-900)-300 words total– Use in-text citations:(refer to authors by last name and date of the publication) Refer to the readings. Didi Kuo: Getachew: Yun-han Chu: Samuel Bagg:  For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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