Article reviewA poorly mixed mantle transition zone and its thermal state inferred from seismic waves.

1.     What is the article about? (up to 50 words)Give a brief summary of the main points presented in the article as if you were explaining it to someone who has never read this paper and is unfamiliar with the topic it covers. You can find tips on how to write a plain language summary here: What is the main message? Be sure to write this in your own words (no direct quotes from the paper and avoid using jargon – this should be written in your own words).     2.     What is the significance of the work discussed in the article? (up to 50 words)Why is this research important? You may want to read through the main paper to which the News & Views article is referring.     3.     What evidence/data did the researchers use to support their conclusions? (up to 75 words)Include ONE relevant figure/image from the article and describe what is shown by writing YOUR OWN description of the figure/image and explain how the figure/image is relevant to the conclusions of the paper. In your figure description, describe how the author(s) created the figure/image– e.g., what kind of data did they collect? Did they do field work, lab work, experiments, computer simulations, etc.?      4.     What is your reaction to their conclusions? (up to 50 words)For example, do the authors’ conclusions make sense, are they shocking, significant, surprising, etc.?       5. How is this topic related to our course material? (up to 100 words)Describe the relevance of this study to our course content. In particular, under which learning goal (reference the Module, Week Number, and Textbook Chapter) does the topic of this paper fall? For this section, please include a sentence or two about why this topic sparked your interest.      6. Ask the authors! (up to 100 words)If you could sit down with the authors over coffee, what would you ask them about this study in particular or their work in general? Write up to three separate questions.      For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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