Analyze the impact of public policy on finance, programs, and organizations

For this project, you will be provided with a policy that has been heavily influenced by recent societal events to determine how it has been influenced by andinfluences finance, programs, and organizations. You will take on one of the various roles of the public to analyze this policy and then present your analysis fromthe same stakeholder viewpoint. First, read the policy thoroughly. Then address the critical elements and corresponding questions by creating a PowerPointpresentation from the viewpoint of the role assigned. To determine your assigned role, review the chart below. I. Reason for Policy: Why is the policy needed? Identify specific reasons and support your findings with evidence.II. Evaluation of the Policy: What are the positive aspects of the policy? What are the negative aspects of the policy? What aspects are missing from thepolicy? Provide examples and evidence that illustrate and support your positions. III. Recommendations for Developing Policy: What are your recommendations for further developing the policy to enhance its purpose and achieveoutcomes? (Remember to consider the role you are assigned and how that will impact your recommendations.) IV. Public Roles: Examine how public roles (including the one you are assigned) are affected by or affect the policy using specific examples and evidence:A. Lobbyist: What is the impact of lobbyists on public policy development?B. Elite: What role do elites play in public policy development?C. Program Administrator: What role do program administrators play in regard to policy making?D. Budgeting/Finance Administrator: What is the relationship between the policy and budgeting? How would this affect someone who managesthe budget? V. Communication/Point of View: Apply principles of effective communication that maintain the voice, point of view, and considerations of the role youare assigned throughout the entire presentation.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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