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HR Best Practices Paper: 25% of course gradeEach student will conduct an in-depth analysis from an HRM perspective on an organization of their choice, either U.S.-based or abroad. The selection of an organization must be approved by the professor in advance and is on a first-come, first-served basis to avoid overlap.Students have the autonomy to select the specific HR practices to include in their papers, as some organizations will have more information available about certain workforce best practices they invest in that they believe make them “shine”, such as work-life balance, managing diversity, training and development, employee benefits and wellness, career development, mentoring, etc.Papers should be a minimum of 7 double-spaced pages (including title page and references page, which means the content should be at least 5 full pages) in length and presented in APA format. Each paper should include a minimum of five credible references that may include business magazines (e.g., Bloomberg, Time, Forbes), newspapers (e.g., The New York Times, Wall Street Journal), professional publications (e.g., HR Magazine), and peer-reviewed research journal articles (e.g., Academy of Management Journal).NOTE: If there are any spelling or grammar errors, the final paper will automatically receive a zero, and returned to the student for corrections. If a corrected version is submitted no later than the conclusion of week seven, the revised paper will be reviewed and re-graded accordingly.Papers should be structured as follows:Title PageAn introduction of the organization, its products and services, history, mission, and visionAn introduction of the best practices discussed, and an in-depth analysis of each best practiceYour perspective on the value of these practices, based on your analysisAre the practices meaningful and impactful to the workforce, or just “fluff” to make the organization look good?Are there findings from your resources to support the usefulness and relevance of these practices?Do these practices have real-world sustainability (cost-effective, management supported), or will they probably be short-lived efforts? Why do you believe this?How do these practices make the organization successful and a competitive force in their respective industry?Conclusion – tie everything together and make concluding remarksReferences PageGrading Rubric: Research PaperI. Structure and Mechanics: 40 pointsPaper meets the minimum required length./20Paper follows APA format standards for title page, page numbers, spacing, in-text citations, and references page./20Paper is free of spelling and grammar errors.AUTOMATIC ZEROII. Content: 40 pointsTopic is relevant to course material, and the introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points./5The content is comprehensive, accurate, and /or persuasive./10The paper develops a central theme or idea, directed toward the appropriate audience./5Major points are stated clearly, are supported by specific details, relevant examples, or analysis, and are organized logically./10Direct quotes from references comprise less than 5% of the paper content./5The conclusion is logical and reviews key points in its wrap-up./5III. Style: 20 pointsParagraph transitions enable seamless logical sequence and flow from one idea to another throughout the paper./5The tone is formal and appropriate to the content and assignment./5Sentences are clear, well-constructed, and complete (no fragments)/10For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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