8th Week: Suh_Treacherous Translation Feb. 22 Chapter 1 (Treacherous Translation

8th Week: Suh_Treacherous TranslationFeb. 22 Chapter 1 (Treacherous Translation)Feb. 24 Chapter 1 (Treacherous Translation)In the writing assignment, you present two questions about reading materials assigned for the week (i.e. both Tuesday and Thursday class sessions). When only one reading material is assigned for the week, you need to present two questions about it. Imagine you are coming up with two questions with which you will test your students to find out how much they understand the assigned reading materials. In addition to presenting two questions, you are also required to provide an explanation per question for the reason why you think the question is significant. You are expected to prove that you have read and thought about the assigned reading materials.make  your own question : ….? After reading create your own question and answer your question in a page or two. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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