1. What are the differences between individualistic and group-oriented cultures

1. What are the differences between individualistic and group-oriented cultures in their behaviours in situations of workplace conflict? (20 points)4. Case StudyFor most of Applegate Farms’ history, its CEO hasn’t even been in the office. When Stephen McDonnell bought a struggling meat products company nearly 20 years ago, he spent the first six months working full-time on site, but since then he’s been working mostly from home.From his experience at other companies, McDonnell had observed that most organisational problems were more easily diagnosed and more effectively solved, within specific teams or work groups rather than by top managers. He decided that the best way to get a company running smoothly was to give everyone constant access to relevant information, empower them with the freedom and responsibility to act on it and then stay out of the way.What’s interesting about the whole story however is that McDonnell is a self-confessed control-freak boss, full of anxiety and obsessed with meeting goals and moving on quickly. He has a tendency to micromanage. When he goes to the office, which he does once a week, he does everything from taste-testing new products, to meeting with senior managers on strategic issues to dealing with staff problems, even disciplining staff who might threaten the company’s smooth functioning. Applegate thrives under his style of leadership. Profits and productivity go up every year.However, the impact of Brexit and Covid-19 have brought significant challenges to the business, particularly in relation to logistics and online shopping. The company needs to go through a process of restructuring.Question a) Using core theory taught on the module, what are the main challenges that the organization faces in starting a process of change? (10 Points)Question b) Given the nature of the company and the challenges it faces, which change management model would support a successful change management process? Explain why in your answer (30 Points)For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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