1. Read the detailed instructions below. 2. Read the case study attached (Pets.c

1. Read the detailed instructions below.2. Read the case study attached (Pets.com Inc)3. Answer the 4 questions attached. Some questions have different parts (for example a, b, c) answer for each letter too. For example 3 (a), 3 (b), etc.Instructions:Give examples and be specific in your answers. Each point mentioned should be justified/supported with examples and/or outside sources where appropriate (assume that the reader does not understand the concepts and theories and you have to explain them to him/her).  Your answers should logical, in-depth, and substantive.  While the material covered in the course should be integrated into your answers, you required to include at least 2 additional outside credible sources (beyond the case and the text book) to support your responses.  Please note: Credible outside sources are considered to be those beyond the textbook and the case itself.  Be sure to cite the additional sources used. Follow the APA styleFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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